Frequently asked questions

Who owns the rights to the stories submitted during competitions?

The author (you). Mardler reserves the right to publish the title, synopsis or an excerpt for publicity purposes only - crediting the writer. Stories will never be published without the written consent of the author. Any works Mardler should wish to publish in its entirety, will not be done so without first gaining consent from the author.

What forum etiquette should I employ?

We encourage members to have open and candid discussion; however, all communications between members (be it forum, direct or group pages) should be civil and polite. Members should treat each other with respect and consideration at all times. Mardler will not tolerate the following behaviour against other members; - defamatory or false accusations - abusive, hateful, harrassing or threatening behaviour - vulgar, obscene, profane or sexually orientated attacks The above also extends to the sharing of any content, please see 'What can I share on Mardler'. Members found to be in breach of forum etiquette will be banned.

What can I share on Mardler?

Share as little or as much as you like with other members - from a 10 word story to a novella about your likes and dislikes. You may share whatever you wish, providing it is none of the following; - hyperlinks to press releases, newsletters, websites, or any other type of content that promote one's commercial business, product or service - hyperlinks, images, videos or files containing vulgar, hateful, obscene or profane content

What is Mardler?

Mardler is an online writing community dedicated to Flash Fiction and committed to raising money in the name of literacy. Encouraging aspiring storytellers to connect and form groups to share stories, ideas and help co-create works with others. Providing a space for collaboration and discussion; as well as the opportunity to enter regular creative challenges and competitions for cash prizes.

What charities will I be helping?

By becoming a member you will help support Doorstep Library and BookTrust. We hope that as our community grows we will be able to help more and more literacy charities and initiatives.

How do I enter competitions?

Competitions will be announced on our website and social media channels; providing writers with a brief to fulfill and instructions on how to submit their original story. Submissions will be made privately initially and then made public on the site after the submission deadline for fellow writers to read and appreciate.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. To do this, within your Profile, go to the 'My Subscriptions' page and select 'Cancel Subscription'. The subscription fee will not continue for the next month.

What is the difference between challenges and competitions?

Challenges are weekly writing tasks to help creativity and hone writing ability. These are posted on our social media and blog space.

Competitions are quarterly writing contests to challenge participants in creating original stories from a brief within a space of time for a cash prize.

How do I change my username / profile name?

When you join the Mardler Community, you are automatically assigned with a username / profile name. This is typically the text and / or numbers from your email address; the part which precedes the domain name (everything before the at (@) symbol). Your username / profile name identifies you whenever you comment, like or make a post. To change this, simply select your current username / profile at the top of the page you are on and select 'Profile'. You will then see a button titled 'Edit Profile'. Once selected you are then able to change your username / profile. Remember to click 'Save' once the change has been made.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish for your Mardler account to be deleted, please contact hello@mardler.co.uk with your username / profile name and [delete] within the subject line.